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Where does the Tour go

St Malo - Avranches(42 miles) - Mont Bertrand(33 miles) - Caen(32 miles) - Deauville(28 miles) - Trouville(40 miles) - Dieppe(39 miles) - Treport(20 miles) - Berck(40 miles) - Alquines(39 miles) - Dunkirk(31 miles) - Bruges(45) - Zelzate(28 miles) - Antwerp(30 miles) - Arendonk(37 miles) - Gemert(36 miles) - Kleve(30 miles) - Dreumel(37 miles) - Schelluinen(28 miles) - Rotterdam(25 miles) - Amsterdam (45 miles) - Amsterdam to Rennes by train - Rennes - St Malo(40 miles)

The Tour de Sez is now an established cycling event with many improvements being made from the previous outings. We pride ourselves on the support we provide and on ensuring the challenges, enjoyment and, above all, safety of our riders and staff are catered for at all times. The Tour de Sez boasts an array of  highly skilled individuals in their respective areas, including Road Captains, Medics, Mechanics, and Support Staff.

The pelotons are constantly headed and footed by safety vehicles, as well as Road Captains, ensuring the groups remain safe and continue to progress at a comfortable pace to reach the daily checkpoints. At   the   checkpoints, riders   will   receive   carefully selected   nutritious food   and refreshments.

The Tour takes the riders through some beautiful and serene countryside as well as stopping at some of Europes most iconic cities. The route is largely flat, enabling even the cycling novice to complete each days itinerary; however, a comprehensive support team is on hand to assist any riders who require it.

Each day will vary due to the different distances and arrival times/locations at the daily destination. Each day will, however, begin with an optional morning yoga/stretching session before breakfast. Breakfast will be supplied in the hotel or in a pre-arranged location nearby. The tour will travel for between 20 and 40 miles before stopping at a checkpoint.

Food and refreshments will be provided from the support vehicles at the checkpoint. Upon arrival at the daily destination, riders are free to do as they wish in the evenings. Options will be made available by the Support Team on some evenings for group entertainment. The evening meal will be supplied at the hotel or in a pre-arranged location nearby. This will be detailed in the Full Itinerary, issued well in advance of the Tour de Sez departure date.

Please be advised that a buffet style service will be provided for all breakfasts and evening meals at the hotels or pre-arranged locations nearby, unless stated otherwise in the Full Itinerary. Options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians will be available. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please ensure that you have clearly stated this on your Registration Form and/or made clear (in writing) to the Tour de Sez Committee.

Registration! If you wish to register for the Tour de Sez 2018, or if you have any further questions, please do get in touch. The best place to reach us is via our Facebook page: Tour de Sez 2018” or by e-mail tourdesez@gmail.com . We look forward to hearing from you, cycling with you, and making some incredible memories with you which we promise will last a lifetime!

You can also download an entry form from the website - simply Click Here

What will the Tour be like

What will it cost

To partake as a cyclist in Tour De Sez, you are required to raise a minimum of £2000 for The Sarah Groves Foundation.

In return, the Foundation will provide the rider with all travel, accommodation, breakfast and evening meals, tour jersey, and full support – medic, masseuse, drivers, mechanic, spares & repairs, etc; as well as access to all the training rides, material, and expertise in the months preceding departure.

The rider’s bike, helmet, entertainment money, or any other costs are not included.  

Download the Full Itinerary for the Tour de Sez