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What is the Tour de Sez?

The Tour De Sez  is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. In 2018 we will be cycling from St Malo to Amsterdam.

The 2018 edition, this will take place from Friday the 7th September to Sunday the 16th September.

Co-organisers Gary Hooks and Leon Howard  are looking for riders and a full support team comprising of medics, a masseuse, chefs, and carers, who will all be trying to raise as much money for The Sarah Groves Foundation as possible.

On this site you will find our terms and condition, entry forms and a complete itinerary. For the most up to date information we suggest you follow our Facebook page.


The Trustees have identified four themes of which Sarah would have approved: Children, Art, Fitness and Adventure and we intend that both our fund-raising and expenditure will connect with these themes although others may well be added in the future.  For more information on the objectives of the Sarah Groves Foundation -  Click Here


More information will be coming soon but you can keep up to date by following us on Facebook and Twitter

Download the 2018 Itinerary