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The objectives of the Sarah Groves Foundation

The Sarah Groves Foundation has been set up to honour the memory of our wonderful daughter and to provide opportunities to others in ways we think she would have wanted – to “live a life less ordinary”.

Sarah loved life in general and Guernsey in particular - she saw goodness, fun and excitement in everyone she met and everything she did.  How would she have wanted to be remembered?


The Trustees have identified four themes of which she would have approved: Children, Art, Fitness and Adventure and we intend that both our fund-raising and expenditure will connect with these themes although others may well be added in the future.  Some ideas of how we plan to put these ideas into practice will help to explain our approach.

Raising Funds

Fitness and Adventure form the basis of our fund-raising activities and we intend that this will continue to be the case as they are the two themes that lend themselves best to fund-raising.  

Deployment of Funds

We currently have two projects under consideration into which we are considering the injection of some funds but no firm commitments are yet in place.  

The first brings together three of our themes: Children, Fitness and Adventure and is based in Guernsey, where we expect to deploy a significant percentage of our funds.  This will be an impressive high-profile and much needed community-based project fully funded via private initiative with no financial support whatsoever from the States of Guernsey in the development and implementation phases.

The second project is at an earlier stage and falls into two parts.  Sarah had a close attachment to Tanzania where she visited a school for under-privileged children which lacked basic equipment and a playground.  She also saw a desperate need for educational facilities for the children of the porters who carry baggage up Kilimanjaro day after day.   We are looking into ways of helping in both cases, working with ChildReach, a charity with which Sarah had a close relationship and which has local infrastructure within Tanzania.

Keeping in touch

As our plans develop we will use our website www.sarahgroves.org to keep everyone informed, but we very much welcome ideas or enquiries at any time by email or telephone as shown below.  Our pledge to all donors and sponsors is that we will ensure that the Foundation’s hard-earned resources will be used wisely and with minimum overheads and we will publish annual accounts to ensure transparency.

Thank you for helping to keep our never-to-be-forgotten daughter’s name well and truly alive.

Vic Groves and Kate Groves